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Five Finger Grass

Five-Finger Grass: A lucky gambler's herb often carried in a Mojo Hand.

FIVE-FINGER GRASS (also known as Silverweed) has a leaf divided into five segments. We believe that this herb has been used by many people for Hoodooing, that is, for the purpose of Warding Off Evil and bringing Good Luck in Money Matters and Love Affairs. According to one noted author, "If you call upon another to ask for a favor, carry a little of the FIVE-FINGER GRASS with you and you shall certainly obtain that which you desire."

We also hear that among card players it is combined with Lucky Hand Root to aid in "all the skills that five fingers can perform." And some folks tell us that they make it into tea and add it to floor washes to clear away so-called Crossed Conditions. We do not make any claims for FIVE-FINGER GRASS.