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Slot Machine Charms

Slot Machine Charm: A gambler's lucky charm or key ring ornament for casino play.

The American use of a slot machine showing a winning combination as an amulet for gambling luck is fairly new and seems to me to coincides with the rise in the number of Indian-run casinos in the United States. This charm is used as a key ring. It depicts a slot machine set at the lucky combination 777 (a variant of lucky number 7) and spewing forth a jackpot of golden coins. It is made of false-cloisonne, in which glitter and acrylic resin mimic enamel. It was purchased in 1997 at a gas station in Garberville, a small town in northern California, while en route to a logging protest.

The slot machine hitting the jackpot represents the slot player's winning wish fulfilled -- and as such it is symbolically related to other wish fulfillment gambling charms, such as the spread of playing cards used by poker players, the pair of dice throwing lucky number 7 used by crap shooters, the horse head in a horseshoe used by race track bettors, and the money bag, all of which are popular amulets for bringing on gambling luck.