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Whether you play casino games, bet on the races, bet on sports or play the lottery, every gambler needs a winning advantage.

And many gamblers rely on good luck charms to increase their chances of winning.

However, many would argue that gambling is all about skill, all about winning percentages and strategies. And we agree.

But it certainly wouldn't hurt if lady luck is smiling your way, would it?

It is said that just by flipping a coin, a gambler will be right 50% of the time. At odds of 10/11, only 52.4% of your bets have to win for you to break even. Therefore, you only need a very small edge to become a winner.

And with a little luck on your side, your winning edge may be greatly increased.

This is why the concept of having or gaining good luck is sought by many gamblers.

Even those who claim not to be superstitious will bend over to pick up a "lucky penny" as they feel their gambling day will be better because of it.

Carrying a lucky charm or talisman has been, and continues to be, a part of many cultures.

Charms and Talismans have two functions:

  1. to attract good luck
  2. to ward off evil

In ancient African culture, the carrying of an animal's foot, or other parts of a swift creature were supposed to help a person be able to escape or flee with the speed of the animal.

This "lucky rabbits foot" charm was handed down and assimilated into our culture by the Africans who were brought to the New World.

Also borrowed from centuries of African ceremonies is a Mojo or luck bag that could carry many lucky objects or a spell meant to cause a particular effect.

The idea is that certain items (spices, teeth, feathers etc.) placed in a bag and blessed or "charged" will produce a magical effect for the person who carries it.