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Lucky Pyrite

Pyrite: Sparkling golden iron ore that attracts money to it; carried in the pocket.

PYRITE is a mineral held in high regard as a Powerful Amulet and Good Luck Charm. It is used by many people for the purpose of bringing Good Fortune in Business, Money Matters, and Games of Chance. Folks who play at games tell us they believe Pyrite will Bring in the Winnings. Root Workers make Conjure Bags for Job Getting and Drawing Luck. Place Pyrite in a green flannel Money Drawing Mojo Hand along with alleged Lucky Money Herbs such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Chamomile, Irish Moss, Bayberry, Alfalfa, and John the Conqueror. Before handling your cash, dress the bag with Money Drawing Oil and recite the 23rd Psalm ("The Lord is my shepherd..."). We make no claim that this PYRITE is Lucky, but sell only as a genuine Curio.